Edited, please re-read. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience Thank you for taking the time in writing your reply. I am a bit confused however, I don't believe I said anything about restricting mods. If I did, it was a failure to word my point correctly. If you are implying that my EULA idea would require the devs to limit mods in some way, I would have to disagree. Someone could make a plugin that encourages vote-to-win, I don't care. The EULA would still restrict servers from being able to use it. (Through reports and threats of a forced shutdown, and general community avoidance since the EULA would mean that the server is at risk of shutdown anyways and it would be best for the player to find a new server. I would like to think I covered most the points on the how the EULA could be enforced, but if you would like me to elaborate more on a certain aspect I can.) Maybe you are implying that since mods can be created to give players perks, that would be violating a EULA but that is not how I would want the EULA to be structured. The EULA should stop any and all perks from being achieved through a trade between something outside the server, for something inside the server. This would be anything native to the game or added in by a mod. Common things being traded being real money or a vote. I believe that all things in the game or added through mods, should be achievable only through work inside the game itself. Someone can make a mod that allows people to fly, that is fine by me. This perk can be given to a player for an in-game currency or through an achievement of sorts or just by default. What would cause harm to the server and all other servers is when a player can get this perk through something like a donation or through voting. I see your point about how the decision should be up to the server owner and not the game makers, however I do not agree. I am all for freedom to server owners getting to re-shape the game. I want to restrict this one aspect not because I care how they run their server, but because it affects all the other servers. This goes right along with you telling me to just find another server that isn't pay to win. One day I won't be able to do that. Through all the costs of custom mods, advertisements, and server upkeep. (which can add up to pretty crazy amounts of money if this game ever gets huge) Only servers that have donators will be able to foot that bill. People naturally like to 'spend' more money than they 'donate'. First, if they are willing to donate 20$ to help keep the server alive, but the server owner will give them this amazing perk for 40$, well they are going to pay it most of the time. They feel good about the spend like it was selfless, and they get a cool perk. Secondly, that server that is not pay-to-win is receiving fewer donations not just because people like to spend rather than donate but because more and more players will come from pay-to-win servers and be turned off by not receiving some kind of perk by donating. Third, as the costs of running a server rise, the harder it will be for the non-pay-to-win servers to survive. People will stop donating simply because they do not expect the server to be around much longer. They see other servers scraping in hundreds of dollars while this server only managed to raise 50$. Why give to a server that doesn't give you anything back and you expect it to die soon. You said that those servers in minecraft that are pay to win thrive because people like them, but that is not true. They simply choked out the competition. I have never heard pay to win being used as a complement for a minecraft server. I have even seen donators themselves reflecting on it saying how it ruined the game for them. They are played because they can out fund the other servers. I don't know any pro-pay to win minecraft players. I have owned servers myself, some that were pay to win. I hated it as the owner. I have played minecraft for years, I watched it happen and I fear the same future for ECO. Without preventive measures, it will be inevitable. It will not be something you can avoid by just going to another server. If you stop pay to win servers, then play to win servers won't have to compete and they will thrive. Bringing a fun, fair game for everyone. Some points I would like to make to avoid confusion. I am pro mods being sold be developers. They should get $$ for their hard work I am pro developers being able to make whatever they want. I am pro servers owners being able to make their servers unique as long as those changes do not encourage trade between something outside the game for something inside the game. Thanks for the feedback, Shaun "Mick" Coyne ign: mickhatesgames