@Konrad - I think I understand. If you mean, a general comparison that doesn't highlight any server in particular but just compiles data in overall statistics from different servers to analyse what kind of laws had what effects over different servers - then yes, I certainly agree that would be interesting statistical data.. provided, the developers kept the laws open as they are now (otherwise, again you'd find that sweeping generalistic, oh we can see this works so now every server seems to have this law proposed first). Certainly, I'll admit the data would prove intriguing to find out what works and what doesn't - however, such data should be taken in small samples and not frequently to avoid trends raising among servers in what is successful. @Airis-Damon - I think this has been fed back before, I'm sure I saw somewhere it was in development. I don't know whether it was a feedback or something a Dev actually said though so I dunno but I could imagine that corpses add additional data to servers that is a bit of a waste of memory.. so I could imagine it's something that will be fixed soon.