@Industrialwasteland said: I read that there will be steam engines in later releases, I hope there are plans to use the steam traction engine shown here for mobile stationary power. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1037798999/eco-global-survival-game/posts Steam traction engines were more than plowing machines, you could hook a belt up to the flywheel and run various forms of equipment, in fact some traction engines are often mistaken for plowing engines or threshing engines when in fact they were used as a mobile power unit. I'm hoping the devs look into these often overlooked machines when it comes to video games. And for something completely different... How about the idea of burying barrels of toxic waste? I've added your suggestions to our Github https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/7697 Thank you!