Buddy key ??

  • Hello everyone, I just found this game and have watched everything I can find on this game. Is there any buddy keys around? I just need like a short term one please!!!. I get my next check on Thursday 20th October so I can sub up then, I just really don't want to wait a week to start playing.

    I will pay it forward, if there is another chance for me to help someone else get into the game I am all for helping others.

    Please send me a note or find my email in my profile.

    Thank you so much in advance if anyone can help me out.


  • I think a bit more waiting won't hurt you. It's still an early alpha with loots and loots of bugs.

  • I have been testing games since Everquest, the original. I know a lot about bugs, lore, quest, early access and development stages of a game. I am so looking forward to getting into this game seeing what makes it tick. I am a huge fan of minecraft and the open world free to do anything you can imagine. This game looks like what I have been waiting for a while now. I love the simulation aspect of it and the delicate balance between growing your claim, trade skills, and experiences all while trying to keep the environment around you thriving to support your overall growth.

    I can't wait to test this out and offer ideas, feedback, and bug reports. I am super excited about the concept and game play.

    Maybe someone will read this and not have anyone to share their keys with and I will get lucky then be able to pass my good fortune along to someone else down the road.

    Thank you again for reading this,

  • ok then its something different =) if you just here and want super awesome bug free game play then its a bit to early ^^ , but i dont think anyone would lend you a copy sorry.

  • Well, I know what amazing games can come from collaboration and hard work. There are many great games out there that have a lot of input from the community. Great dev teams that stay in contact with the community and testers are those that usually end up with games that have a great following and player base for many years. I see this game as being one of those games and I really want to be a part of it. If I have to wait another week to get a copy so be it.

    Nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking right ???

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  • Really sucks when you get offered a key, then a day later, still no key. I can't wait till I get some buddy keys, I am going to do a few give away to help promote the game and help others that might not have the $40, but can contribute in a positive fashion and offer bug reports and constructive feedback.

  • You her the key within an hour . Not Home yet still putter and working ;)

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