An update for our Alpha 5 Ecosystem release of Eco: climate sim, new biomes, dynamic plants!

  • and plus, its still the weekend at 11:59pm ;P

  • Yea you're right bobby.... good job pointing out PST is different than CST, and the date doesn't change till midnight. For all reasonable game playing purposes, the weekend is over "shortly" was my point, and they have yet to say anything about 3.0.

  • lol i know but i have full faith that they are working hard on it right now with their keyboards soaked in sweat :P hehe that actually would be a funny picture to post on the forum

  • I would rather wait another week or month for a solid version then to get the next buggy/unfinishable version in the next few minutes! It will come when it comes guys! :)

  • oh i agree, but its like i keep saying, the damn cookie smell lol

  • @pan7s said:

    I would rather wait another week or month for a solid version then to get the next buggy/unfinishable version in the next few minutes! It will come when it comes guys! :)

    See the bug and error lists that was created by the masses on pre-release 1.0 and pre-release 2.0? Imagine how long it would take a handful of the dev team to find and make that same list. The reason of the pre-release testing is to find bugs and errors in the code for the dev team. If we don't test, they are forced to test things and we, as a large group can test allot faster than a few development team members that have other things to do than test a game, they are busy fixing the game.

    They put out a version, we test and report the issues, they fix the issues, put out an updated version. Rinse and repeat till we get a game they are satisfied with and we are happy to play. If we don't test the versions, they are forced to stop fixing the bugs and play the game to find more issues. That kind of testing takes away from their time of fixing the issues. This is alpha, we are not here to play a bug free / unfinishable game, we are here to test and test and test. If we wait to test their next version and go back to a more "playable" edition of the game, then the testing they need will take even longer to reach a finished released game eventually.

    But what do I know, this is only my 100+ alpha, this one could be way different than the others. Who knows.

  • prayr they could have all the info they need right now at the moment and just need to program. if it was ready it would have been out. maybe they got hit with a natural disaster. or maybe they need more time. but what do i know. ive never waited for an update before in my life :P

    bottom line is its not out. no matter how much you beg or get angry its just not here yet. have patience my friend :)

  • I wait till the next update to search for more bugs, and try to make a daily updated list that adds all the found issues so that you dont need to search true the hole forum.

  • prerelease 3, will be on SLG soon.

  • Prerelease 3 is now available on SLG site. This is a server-wiping build from prerelease 2.

    • Minimap is somewhat borked in this build, this is already known and will be fixed.
    • Animals sometimes give nothing when looted. This is known and will be fixed, but should be less frequent than before.

  • changelog please :)

  • Thanks meta! Also: changlelog plox.

    A never, ever satisfied customer.

    • Fixes to locking, authorization system
    • Fixes to world object UIs, allowing opening multiple, etc
    • Fix Powered Carts, now require fuel and will pollute the world
    • chimneys and other smoke-creating objects now generate air pollution correctly
    • Adjustments to tech tree allowing butchery to be obtained
    • Animals AI should be somewhat smarter, won't always stand around like idiots

  • Look at Meta going all BAMF on the change log!

    Much love!

  • yay pre-release 3! now i wait and see how many people complain about it being broken so i know not to play yet :P

  • Will there be another wipe-version or was it the last one(for now)?

  • You should anticipate a server wipe, we are still adding items and tweaking the tech tree, which requires a wipe at the moment.

  • @Metachronism Okay, thanks :)

  • Any update on when it may go pre release 4 or release??

    Love the work you guys are doing.

  • They have sayed that they found some problems with the current release 4 and that they need to fix them. They try to bring out the release near end of this week.

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