[Design Idea] town and government relationship

  • (TL;DR at the end)


    My friend and I were just talking about our experience regarding exploration in voxel games. We found that being able to "get lost" is actually very fun.
    Then we realized that we got something about a town that is interesting:


    • Remove personal or any form of easily portable mini-map


    • I would like to remove the personal map so I can get lost easily. But at the same time, having an functioning stationary map is also very good, aka Atlas.
    • We can make atlas as a spawned work-station in a townhall and when it is first spawned. the entire map is black as non-discovered
    • We then give players trackers for them to carry around to scout the map (and as they travel, the map lights up)
    • When enough area is brighten up, we can mark this area as the range for a "town" (town area)
    • Same as other buildings, townhall requires certain blocks and size and rooms.
    • To make this worthwhile, make atlas consume a lot of power / electricity so that forming a town actually requires a stable infrastructure.
    • As the town building expands by adding more room / furniture / functionalitites / workstations, atlas can be upgraded to include bigger town area.
    • areas are acquired on a first "discover" first own bases
    • No limit how many towns can be formed in a world
      (since it requires a lot resources to maintain its functionality, there is a limit)


    • Set a limit per world (2 or 3)
    • A numbers of towns can join together to form a government with their town area contributed to "controlled region".
    • laws, tax, public stuff are government based and only effective in controlled region.
    • Only collect aggregated statistic data about species in controlled regions
    • citizenship and other access can be set
    • a government is dismissed iff it lost control to all atlas.

    User Stories (things that I would like to enable):

    1. As a player, I would like to view the world from my own eye, instead of a satellite view.

    2. As a player, I can build certain rooms to declare a building as a townhall so I can have a sense of home-town.

    3. As a town-folk, I would like to be able to build atlas as stationary maps. so I can have a better sense of area and boundaries for my town.
      (maybe using a wall of maps or holographic or some in-game table-top furniture to show the map)

    4. As a town-folk, I would like to contribute to my town by scouting out the map, so that the atlas can lights up.

    5. As a town-folk, I would like to connect my town hall to some power source, so that atlas will continue to function.

    6. As a builder, I would like to add more rooms to my townhall, so I can upgrade the atlas to include bigger town area.

    7. As a town-mayor, I would like to declare the area scouted as my town area.

    8. As a town-mayor, I would like to join with other town-mayors to form a government

    9. As a town-mayor, I would like to leave a government to join another one.

    10. As a town-folk, I would like to take over the control of a townhall when the mayor is inactive for a long time.

    a) As a gov-officer (or citizen), I would like to see aggregated and historical data about how species are doing in my control region (government controlled territory), so that I can maintain sustainability

    b) As a citizen (of a government), I would like to vote for laws for the government I belong to.

    c) As a citizen, I would like to build wall and fences to indicate controlled territories

    d) As a officer, I would like to collect taxes from my citizen to fund the public sector.

    Other possibility varieties:

    • Conflict between governments
    • dual citizenship
    • criminal justice system based on government

    Risk and uncertainties:
    So far, the building type is very interesting to me (kitchen and bakery from alpha 2 for example), because they now serves a purpose than meaningless decorations.
    However, what I don't really get is.
    Is building function / bonus based on "Room" or entire "building"?

    In other words, I can see that a "kitchen" is a "room" at "home" which is a "building".

    Kitchen provides functionalities to make meat but "home" is said to provide bonus hunger duration and stuff.

    As I don't have source code access yet, I am not sure how feasible these ideas are, but would like to see them come to live on day.

    Thanks for Reading,



    • use expensive stationary map (atlas) instead of personal map
    • add town system around atlas (and town region based on player discovery)
    • add government around towns (and control region based on town region ownership)

  • Hey good ideas! I like the exploration idea, in general limiting information (scientific data as well about the ecosystem and such) could create an interesting career path as a scientist. Debating how much info should be insta-shared vs making it per individual. The 'fog of war' style of map could be cool too, as I think exploration is definitely part of the fun. Thanks for the ideas, will keep them in mind.

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