Off Switch?

  • I'm not sure this is a bug per se, but I know that if something I have takes fuel to run, i.e. wall or ceiling candles, forges, etc.; I know I am able to control them by turning them OFF so they stop consuming fuel. Since you can't take fuel out and move it to the storage page and vice versa (and why not?), why isn't there an on/off switch for EVERYTHING that takes fuel of some kind? You can blow a candle out. You can quench a fire and in the case of coal, you can simply not add more... an off switch should be mandatory.

  • I believe electric lights do have an off/on. Forges and similar have a bit of a bug, as far as I'm aware per a github tracker, that indicates that they consume fuel when not in use. Generally, they should only consume fuel when there's an active work, then it automatically stops using fuel. Though a server reboot, (or something) will make it use fuel despite no work.

    Can't say anything about things like a candle or brazier.

  • Power is currently undergoing a polish phase that should fix a lot of these kind of issues.

  • Awesome.

  • Um....pray tell! What IS the OFF switch?

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