Game crushing video driver

  • After 5 min (on server with 2+ players) or 10-15 min (on a local server alone) i keep getting full screen glitch, then video driver crush and. finally game crush. I've got geforce gtx 960 card with latest drivers, no other games causing this, so mb it's some redist issue? (installed all redist included). Tried different graphics settings, no help and time before crush not affected.
    I've got 3 monitors (without surround active while playing), if it helps. Crush dump included.2016-09-26_175208.rar

    UPD: Installed older video driver (347.88 instead of 372.90), and it seems like fixed that problem. About memory consumption - 2.3G at max, playing approx 1h, keep watching

  • Do you have also installed the latest version of .NET framework (should be 4.6.2) If not, here is a link to download it :

    Else I don't really know, maybe 3 monitors is too much for your graphic card to handle

  • There is a memory leak in alpha 4.2 causing some machines to bloat to 3+ GB RAM usage. I believe this is fixed in alpha 5, with the newer version of unity.

  • I run a pretty beefy system and the note about the ram bloat explains why i have to reset the game about every 30 to 45 minutes for best play performance. A simple log out (quit) and re-log in fixes it for me.

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