World won't save even with backups made

  • Hey everyone,

    So I've gone through a couple worlds now. I would make backups of the world before I close the server, but when I open it back up, a lot of the times the server would create a new world and I won't be able to find the back ups. Is there a way to insure that my world won't be deleted?

  • So I started making an extra copy of the storage folder and things have been working fine.

  • I know at one point it didn't save if the world was in fast-forward. Not sure if they fixed that. I don't know any other reasons it wouldn't be saving other than maybe permissions problems.

  • In alpha 5, the backup plugin will save multiple backups, as well as each world now being a singular file to make this easier.

  • yea the multiple backup system will be very nice in alpha 5! you can say how often and how long you want to keep backups =)

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