Eterra [24/7 Server] [Active Community]

    Current Version: Alpha 0.4.2
    Server Status:
    Server IP:

    We're a new server that's growing rapidly! The first few runs of the server are just going to be getting the hang of the game due to the new update coming out in early October. After the next update, the server will be based around different goals where the community will have to come together to succeed. I also plan on doing challenges and giveaways once the server finds its groove. Look forward to t-shirt giveaways and spots on our website's hall of fame! (coming soon)

    This forum thread is here so that the members of our community can communicate about the events within the server with ease. Most of the player's planning takes place in our Discord but can also be discussed here. We will be whitelisted for the A5 update and will be accepting applications here. This whitelist is required due to the amount of planning and skill specialization we will be using.

    Whitelist Application:

    • Username:
    • When you started playing Eco:
    • How often you expect to play:

    Hope you see you all online!

  • @Jakeob said:

    When you started playing Eco:
    How often you expect to play:

    Username: Pyrotekniks
    When you started playing Eco: 10/16/16
    How often you expect to play: at least a few hours a day

  • people cant just join and pick a profession, they have to first get approval?

  • @Jakeob

    A few hours per day. More on weekends.

  • Pan7s
    Week or so ago. 10/14
    8 hours possibly a day. More on days off.

  • Hey people posting here, if you all get on discord just hit me up and I'll make you a citizen. Keep in mind that in this server we're trying to get people to build towns more than just a house in the middle of nowhere. We also plan on finding a way to get an economy going in the server to make shops more viable. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that this will be a community focused server. Look forward to seeing all the new people!

  • TinkerHikari
    Hours per day, more at night and weekends.

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