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  • did you email the support ? support ticket system is broken currently .. so if you used that than its because of that you havent recived a reply .. i am sorry to hear that you had issues . if not pm me your mail and send a new mail to . and i poke the right guy right away to get right to you

  • @Smiley said:

    I'm very dissapointed. I upgraded to a Two-Pack to get my friend in since he missed the Kickstarter window. I sent him an invitation he never got it, I waited a couple days then submitted a ticket to the support staff. Week went by still nothing, so I opened another ticket, no response still and no email for him. Of course he checked his emails thoroughly including spam folders and yes he tried making an account with the email provided. I expected problems and I'm fine with them for a new game just launching into Alpha that is getting a lot of attention most likely more then was expected. What I'm not fine with is the third email which I sent explaining the problem as well as what steps we took to make sure there were no problems or missed solutions on our end, who ever responded to the email did not even read my short email (5 sentences) and told me to do something which I already wrote them saying we did, which of course didn't and still has not worked.

    Really sorry Smiley, we got hit with a double wammy of verification emails failing, and our support emails failing. Both worked about 80% of the time, and failed silently, so we didnt know there was a problem. Thus the delay. And apologies for the short reply, been going through hundreds of support emails as fast as we can and some can get breezed over, we're a small staff here. But email and and we will make sure everything gets sorted out asap. Our apologies again and thanks for supporting us as we work through the chaos of alpha.

  • I sent you an email Smiley, should work now. I hope to see you smiling again one day soon.

    *Sorry had to make the pun.

  • My friends downloading the game, thank you for taking care of this, sorry for venting I was frustrated. Well Rain Farmer you did make me smile and laugh so the pun was well receieved thank you too. Good luck all.

  • I been waiting 1 hour since i boung the 2 pack now

  • Hei. There have been New paypal issues(paypal seems to break the buy thing) so if you send a mail to Will will help you later today

  • Hi, I purchased the game a month or two ago and I'm unable to log in. I thought maybe I just forgot my password but when I log into the website, there's no purchase attached to my account. Thanks.

  • Hye @Goomashroom , If you send a mail with some details Will will track your purchase down and fix that issue for you =)

  • I bought the game today via paypal and have not received an email regarding a key or access to anything.
    I have the paypal receipt and the email associated with the purchase is the same as the account I'm on. What is going on?

  • Howdy! once your payment is processed by paypal you can just download eco. You dont get a mail with a key, the game is just applied to the account you created while buying eco. One thing i have seen that people pay not normally with a visa or any other credit card might have to wait allot longer since the account page waits for paypal to confirmation that the payment has been received. So if you pay by e check this might take a long time or even get canceled if you dont follow that payment up.

  • So, I purchased this game using paypal - now how do i play it?

  • I too just purchased the game and have not received a game code, and cannot figure any way to play or access the game

  • Howdy ! There seems to be some issue with our account system and paypal link. Investigating . If you have the issue could you all please mail us on ? so i have an overview who is having the issue!

    We will asap fix this issue asap and i will mail you all back once we have resolved the issue. Sadly i need to ask you to be a bit patient while we work on that. Thanks!

  • @NoBlackThunder OK email sent.

  • and still waiting ....

  • Is there no way to manually activate people?

  • Sorry to have you waiting. I wait for a reply my self from our DB admin and web master. I hope we will soon. Be able to resolve the issue. So far it seems that the fault happent on PayPal's site.

  • @NoBlackThunder I do website work and happened to look at the source code on your site, they really need to work on cleaning up the coding on it. That could be part of the issue TBH.

  • Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I have encountered the same problem. I've mailed the support.

  • @SolarEclipse If anyone comes to a resolve please PM me. This is a bit ridiculous.

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