VR Support?

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if any VR support was planned for the game, I have an HTC Vive and every since I saw the PAX trailer I can't help but imagine running around the forest with all the animals and all. Is this on the roadmap in any way?

  • Nothing official planned at the moment, though we might throw in simple experimental support (re - no real controller support, just looking around)

  • hey @Anahkiasen .. i told eric the same =P but to be honest the most important thing at first is to deliver the main game as planned, i know eric played already with the vive a bit him self. Though .. if there are people out who have the skills and have the dev tier they could implement it them self and send a pull request and get it in to the main game if they wish ;)

  • Personally I believe it would be a risky choice to invest on development wise. As far as I can tell so far, the way how camera movement, player movement and so on work in the game might cause lots of motion sickness related issues. I've been doing functionallity testing (so QA) for a VR title for almost 5 months and so far there seems to be too many things that could possibly go wrong. To make it work properly the entire game should be designed with VR in mind, especially being the game in first person.
    Althought it would be something nice to have, I tend to be skeptical :P

  • Yes, please add experimental VR support. By making it experimental, you don’t have to support it, but there’s a lot of us that don’t get sick in games like this with VR added.

  • I'm honestly of the opinion that crappy VR is worse than no VR. And it takes a LOT of work to make good VR.

    Look into CyubeVR for a voxel VR game, because adding VR to an already-complete program is not a recipe for success.

  • I completely understand wanting to get the core game to a good place and work on features within that, but this game could be amazing in VR and I hope it gets there eventually!

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