Dev Forums - Natural Disasters (Specifically Earthquakes)


    • Earthquakes can form cracks in the ground, that while it can destroy the ground, can also help miners find valuable minerals.

    Earthquakes may form cracks on the ground, but they're superficial and overly exaggerated in movies, the ground doesn't split apart enough to yield anything of value. i.e. That "new"? San Andreas movie "The ground will literally split open"... San Andreas is a strike slip fault - horizontal movement.

    I mean for a game I can see it being done, but if the game has a decent goal of learning, then exaggerations should be avoided.

  • Yeah not something we've tackled yet, but would be a fun one to take on. Lots of widespread damage. And yes getting it scientifically accurate + fun will be the challenge, but I like to think we're good at that :)

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