Digital multipack invite issue

  • So myself and a few friends purchased the digital 4 pack, and I was the lucky host to invite all of my friends via email. While two of the invites went through fine, one was not received.

    Steps taken

    • Support ticket sent a week ago about the issue.
    • checked email address was correct.
    • friend in question has tried sending a support ticket.

    Additional information: he has also tried making a forum account, however the confirmation email never arrived either; perhaps it's an issue with the email host? They are with hotmail.

    With the alpha just a few days away, any help would be great, thank you.

  • Hey. i Tested the system, with jeff .sending out invites and reciving them should work fine ... did your friend checked his spam folder? i know they often go into spam?

    check that first ... if not i think your support mails will be soon answered .. if you haven't got an reply within Tuesday , then poke me and i poke some devs. =) but need to give them just some more days before i poke them in case they work now with those .. checking things like that up can take some time unfortunately

  • Sorry, I was in work when posted this, but he did remind me to say he checked his spam folder every day at the same times he was checking his regular email, he also mentioned he'd sent a support ticket in prior, that was answered. He has tried replying to that email in the hopes it would provoke a response (since he currently has no other way of contact).

    Thank you for the prompt response.

  • Mhh okey. I know John is looking in to it with the support mails i think. So we should wait. The devs are very busy atm getting the game ready.

  • I thought they might be, which is why we waited a while after sending the support emails to post here, thank you again for your time.

  • One other post Just confirmed somthing. So your that did not recive an email. They can try to create an account to the mail you sent to, and it should pop up if you wrote down the right mail adress try that :-)

  • Hey guys, got a confirmation email from the forum after attempting to have it resent after this was looked into so here I am. Still haven't received my game invite though ;(

  • Forum and eco account are 2 different things :-). Could you tell me a bit more about your issue?

  • Yes so basically Esdraphus bought the Dev Pack (4 people) and everyone bar myself received the emails with invites to their email addresses. I haven't received any invite to the game, to download the game, to access the dev forums or anything but the other three have. For ages, I was struggling to even gain access to this forum but now for some reason that works. I just want to be able to access the game and the dev forums like I paid Esdprahus for (we all chipped in for the pack 4-equal split payment to Esdraphus and he made the final payment - we know each other IRL)

    But for some reason I'm the only who didn't receive an invite email even though checked email twice before sending me it, even though I've wait quite a number of days, checked spam box, inbox, etc. I just want to be able to access game ready for launch and less importantly than that but still importantly access the dev forums, have my alpha icon and my dev tag like what is in the 4-person pack basically.

    How can I go about rectifying this issue? I did send tickets already and Esdraphus has been posting for me here as I couldn't access forum at the time.

  • You can go and create Just an eco account. Try that, if your mail got sendt to right adress, then it should automaticly apply to it. If you havent recived any mail it might be an issue with your mail provider, or he entered the wrong mail. But again try to create an eco account first

  • Yeah tried that and it just said await confirmation email. Again. Resent it to myself about 300 times now but I haven't received one of them. The provider is up, the email correct, the spambox - empty.

  • That sounds realy strange by now you should have then recived a mail :-/ i think somthing at your mail provider is wrong or your adress then, anyway i Will make them aware of your issue :-). I Hope that issue can be resolved fast. And sorry to hear that you have issues :-(

  • I'll keep trying every so often just to make syre it isn't the provider - at least this one allows me to resend the confirmation email as often as I like. Waiting 10 minutes for the forum one each time was a nightmare. I hope when I eventually get on - that my account is automatically updated with my purchase. I feel so frustrated by this at the moment but am attempting to remain as patient as I can be all considering.

  • Yea i can totally understand you. I had simular issues with slack sms. Somethimes it is unfortnatly Just that. When i get home later tonight i Will spam the right person to get a look at it :-) lets Hope this can be resolved before alpha is released

  • This is what I am certainly hoping for. I really don't want to be left behind for Alpha. Thank you so much for all your continued help. I hope it can be resolved too!

    EDIT: Changing this into a list of things I've attempted on both issues.

    Forums: (Fixed This Issue, 3/4 to go)
    Issue: Cannot access forums due to confirmation email not being sent correctly. [FIXED 1/4]

    • Had invite sent to me.
    • Checked Inbox, Spambox - Nothing received.
    • Waited 24hrs - Nothing received.
    • Submitted tickets from both myself and Esdraphus - No feedback received.
    • 21/11: Attempted to sign-up to forum and was told to await confirmation email - nothing received.
    • 21/11: Checked Inbox, Spambox and regularly resent confirmation email after each 10m timeout period (Please remove that timeout, that's really frustrating for anyone stuck with this issue)
    • 21/11: Submitted post on forum via Esdraphus.
    • 21/11: Received feedback and support via member NoBlackThunder, ran some tests to ensure emailing system was working correctly.
    • 21/11: Confirmation email finally came through! On forums successfully now. [FIXED 1/4]

    Game Account: (Still Not Fixed)
    Issue: Cannot create an Eco Game Account due to confirmation email sending not being received by email address.

    • 21/11: Signed up to account, successfully - was told to await confirmation email (this system seems redundant in preventing people from signing up the wrong email address if it doesn't work correctly to identify the correct one to send it to but I digress)..
    • 21/11: Attempted to resend confirmation email many times (thankfully no timeout feature this time) (unsuccessful)
    • 21/11: Attempted to do this from Android Nexus Phone running Android 6.0 in 3G Environment. (unsuccessful)
    • 21/11: Attempted from same device in Wi-Fi Environment. (unsuccessful)
    • 21/11: Attempted to do this from computer in Wi-Fi Environment. (unsuccessful)
    • 21/11: Attempted again an hour later, no success. (With each time, checking inbox, spambox, and waiting)
    • 21/11: Attempted to send self recovery password link in hope that maybe that would be sent correctly and provide a backdoor way around the confirmation email system (No success, didn't receive this either).
    • 21/11 (LateEvening): Attempted to send confirmation again every 20 minutes (or so) for the last 4 hours incase there is a time it might work.
      [Still Not Fixed 1/4]

    Game: (Still Not Fixed)
    Issue: No download link available due to above issue.

    • 21/11: Awaiting resolve to above issue before I can check this issue.
      [Still Not Fixed 1/4]

    Extras: (Still Not Fixed)

    • 21/11: Awaiting resolve to above issue before I can check this issue.
      Issue: No access to art pack, dev forums, dev tag, alpha icon, etc.
      [Still Not Fixed 1/4]

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yea i Will get some one too look at

  • Thanks, gave a log by log status in one of my posts so you have a note of what I've attempted, will edit when necessary.

  • Yea for now we cant do more. I am sure the issue Will be resolved monday before the release :-). Unfortnatly my options to help you are limited since i am only a backer like you helping out on the forums. But i know John or Jeff Will help you out asap.

  • Aye, it seems a little frustrating because there really isn't anything I could do to further this and the support tickets are probably overwhelmed right now with the new release. I really don't know what to do but I thank you for all your help so far. I don't know where John or Jeff are whether they will be able to help me or when? D:

    Hopefully this can be resolved..

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