Linux Server crash - Ubuntu 16.04LTS

  • Hey all,

    I got a linux server up and running using the defaults.

    Server is launched with this command
    nohup mono EcoServer.exe -nogui > /dev/null &

    It was working well, but after I logged out of the game, I attempted to ssh back into my server and the whole thing was unresponsive. Anyone else have a similar issue? Or some suggestions on which log files to read to try and figure out what happened?

  • logs should get dumped to the /dump folder, they are just txt files, open them and it will have the stack showing what caused the exception.

  • This is some compatibility issue with a 3rd party pluralization lib we are trying.

    Going to try a different one, since it doesn't seem compatible.

  • @wh33t

    I also have a Ubuntu LTS 16.04 server going. If you can stand having the computer that has the terminal screen on 24/7, or just long enough to reboot once a day when the server does to keep the session open. Yes, it is a waste of power but, it works.

    Also, you can use "Screen" on Ubuntu Server to hold SSH sessions active, allowing you to actually close the program on the computer without "closing the session". Once the "Screen" program is installed on your server, use it in this fashion instead of the "nohup" command :
    " screen mono EcoServer.exe -nogui " - This is how I have my server running... Seems stable!

    How do I know? I am actually running a headless linux server as well, setup in the aforementioned style. Seems fairly stable! Can't reveal my system specs though ;) That's the secret to stability, honestly...

    Only down side? Unable to use the server's GUI to edit on the fly. You have to be willing to edit the server scripts manually, which can be a bit unnerving.... Then again, those of us running Linux terminal servers should know how to work around most issues.

  • I'm running mine in ubuntu 16.04 with:
    screen mono EcoServer.exe -nogui

    It has been running fine exept for when i started to mess around with the seed numbers in the and i got some major errors.
    Also i decided to stick with 100x100 since when i did a 120x120 world with everything else a few of us got black and brown rays comming from the sun ( simular to broken gpu kind of render glitches ) but it was more then one person and it was common between both nvidia and amd gou's so it must have been a glitch with the way the game renders those rays of light.

  • I figured a work around, though... It is rather labor intensive AND requires "burning" one key for the headless server.

    It somewhat requires a minute or two of downtime, depending on how quickly you can navigate all of the GUI on your Windows PC. This is the "method":

    1 - Take your server offline which forces a backup. RIP the files down from your FTP that save your world (I know which ones these are through "deduction"... )

    2 - You can edit the files on your Windows PC as an "offline" server, using the gui to edit the files...

    3 - Transfer said files from Step one BACK ONTO the server (sounding like Garth on Waynes' World)

    4 - STARTUP server with the "screen mono EcoServer.exe -nogui" command.

    This is how my system is currently setup.... And I am no genius ;) Just read a LOT of other peoples stuff, and compiled this workaround.

    Hope this is helpful!!

    ALSO, if anyone is playing on my server.... Hope the latency is OK?

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