New Eco Trailer Released! Showing at PAX.

  • We’ve created a new updated trailer for Eco, which we’ll be demoing at PAX! Check it out below.

    Eco Pax Trailer 2016

    We’ve been hard at work on Alpha 5 and have a ton of new stuff coming soon. We’ve added a new ‘World Layer’ system, that handles climate change, irrigation, temperature, pollution, plant/animal populations, and much more, and they’re all connected together. Check out how farming is affected by various factors below:
    Small Image.png

    Farming now is really affected by the wider factors that affect the world - climate change can change temperature and rainfall and destroy farms, pollution can make ground infertile, and player-made irrigation can significantly make an area better for farming. There are many other aspects of the game that will be affected by these factors as well.

    We’re extending the ecosystem to many more plants and animals as well, and will have new biomes as part of the world. Check out one of our new animals that will be roaming the plains, the bison:

    Bison Walk

    Thanks as always for following us, the game is available now in Alpha here, and all backers will get a Steam key when we launch there. Follow us on Facebook here for updates as well.

    Thanks and as always let us know any questions.

    -John K

  • It looks very exciting!

    Question: when inert waste is left, will grass slowly grow over and "reclaim" it, eventually stopping the pollution?

  • Banned

    @Will-Eco I hope you optimize the game too, I have paid a big sum of money, Thanks, #Nohateneeded

  • Awesome looking forward to the future of this game; already been telling my friends and keeping them up to date. Thank for all your hard work! :D

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