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  • Hey Guys
    I've been following the game since about 3 weeks now. I've checked lets plays and forum posts. I'm in love with the concept and what you are doing here and i would like to buy it (But i have some real trust issues with paypal i once get hacked and it was a disaster) so i just have to wait will some other payment options comes around.
    Now my questions:
    Is there a timeline of this projekt? At what date do you want to release the Beta? I dont wanna buy again a early acces ( Maybe with help of a friend) and staying about 3 years in a Alpha or Beta like day Z. What do you think this game is buyable on steam? whats the plans for the future? Will there maybe some NPC living in your city? or NPC-Shops? Can you improve your self till the high Tec and clean water, building animal farms or regrow the animal population?
    Maybe some you have some time left to answer me:)

    Greedings Deru

  • I think one of the Devs or Dev tiers should make an FAQ for some of these questions.

    Combined from a few of the announcements, they are working on Alpha 5 now which is the final alpha before going into beta. After they release the beta, they will then go to Steam early access. I'm not sure which it was, but one of those to was said to be targeting late this year/early next. From one of the posts with an admin response: "Around alpha 5 it will pick up again; we aim to have significantly more active users during beta and early access launch on steam later this year."

    Alpha 5 is said to be the ecosystem release which will ideally balance the animal population and add new animals. I have seen somewhere in posts about having farmed animals either as a suggestion or in the plan. (That said, the trello board indicates new plants and animals in this alpha 5).
    I'm sure I saw a roadmap somewhere before, but things can sometimes get buried in the forums.

    I can't answer anything about NPCs, haven't seen word about that, but what do you mean about improve yourself? Do you mean that as a single player on a server if you could go through all the tech? Yes. It'd take a while, but yes. I think my character on the dev server could have if I took the time to do so before the meteor hit. We had 3 or 4 people racing to the current end in 9 days.

  • Currently the only planed npc's for the game are animals. no other form for npc is planed =) so no npc shops . When it comes to development time .. well it will remain in alpha until the end of this year to early next year. After that its not made 100% out when it will release.

    Here are several reasons for it:

    1. Its impossible to plan early on when a game will release, this is because it always takes longer than you plan for =P
    2. I suspect there is sort of a deadline for it since this game is meant and supported by the US government for schools ( If i am not wrong here)
    3. Extended early access / beta is only possible if people like and buy the game ( game development cost are not free unfortunately, everything cost money) Ofcourse its not good to just keep adding to a game , but sometimes when you have the money and time you might wanna enhance you game even more to make the final product even better. Look at space engineers as an example. They keep making it better and better like adding planets. So having a long development cycle can be very positive, though game development is normally very slow because adding one thing breaks 100 other thinks.

    Also you can wait until the game releases on steam if you dont like paypal, Beside that if you really wanna support the game with your money and helping out with feedback, wiki and other thinks you can use paypal without having an account ;) so no data can be hacked from your paypal account because you dont have an account. that said the recent paypal issue was that users them self leaked passwords, i suspect they might have had viruses and so on on there pc by downloading illegal torrents ( those can often contain hidden viruses)

    Hope that helps you a bit =) .. also i you are not interested in helping out with feedback and wiki or other thinks and just want to play the game i recommend to wait until it comes out into beta

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