Unable to access game art pack and other misc kickstarter issues...

  • Hi everyone...

    Like many of you, I backed ECO on kickstarter ($35 tier). I was very excited when I received the project update reports on Nov 11th, especially with the notice that art pack was being released. I need help because I am unable to find the download link in my account.

    To tie this in with the 'other misc...' issues in my post title - I see no evidence in my stangeloop account that I was ever involved in the kickstarter account. All I get is the options to buy more.

    Steps I have taken

    1. Made sure that my strangeloop account was/is tied to my kickstarter email address.

    2. Sent a message directly from my strangeloop account to page via support link (last week - no response at all)

    3. Made sure I was using my laptop (windows) for my account and this forum, then tried with my ipad (which I know is not game compatible, but any port in a storm. BTW on my iPad the link for this forum and the 'account' link overlap...Forum wins out when tapped.)

    Launch is a few days away - HELP! :)

  • hey. first question is your account on your eco profile showing your backer tier ? ( not the forum this here https://www.strangeloopgames.com/eco-account/login ) ? it should tell you on that page what your mail address is , you user name . a tier and what rewards that tier has and the you should have upgrade options after that right?

    edit : here is a reference image how my looks:
    account page.JPG

  • Yeah - no dice on that Thunder...


  • ok i checked kickstarter tier and so on ... it seems that the 35$ tier does not include the digital art book it seems. I will PM John just to make sure . but you are good to go for the alpha it seems =)

    i hope that helps for a start =)

  • Thanks Thunder - when I read the update I jumped to conclusions on the art pack - my bad. Thanks for the time on this!

    Ty Cobb

  • Yea no problem =) . i sent pm to john about the art pack and who will have access to it .. he is currently very busy with getting the alpha ready. so it might take some time for him to reply to me. I am sure he will also take a look on your feedback here . You will hear more when i got an answer. Please don't hesitate to ask any more question if you have some and i will try to answer them as best as i can =)

  • woops i messed up .. dint look very good at your image. just noticed now you dont have access, since it does not tell you what reward you have . I am very sorry for that, but good that i double checked your image. Let me see if i cant resolve that, so you will have access to it when the alpha gets out

  • Hey Ty, got your message on Kickstarter and will be sorting this out asap. Will email you.

  • Hi John,

    Just to keep you updated I sent this out to support today - I'm guessing there are still issues.


    I know everyone is busy over there, but I have an ongoing issue with my account. I still have no access to my $35 alpha tier.

    My specifics...


    Below is a screen shot of my account.

    Please help - I have been waiting on the release for months (excitedly) and started the process of correcting this two weeks ago to no avail.

    Thanks for your time,

    Matt Skowron


  • Thanks Ty, let me know if it isnt sorted still.

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