Disable the Meteor

  • So I've been following this game for some time and I've been seeing a lot of talk on the meteor on how that is technically the "End Game" proving that if you destroyed it you have gotten far enough in the game where you can protect against one of the main problems that you have to manage in the game. Will there be a planned option if there already isn't, I haven't gotten the game yet due to system problems but I plan on getting a new device soon so I can see for myself. It'd be a nice feature if you can disable it. Thanks!

  • yes you can set impact time and remove the meteor totally if you like to =)

  • That sounds awesome, so really the main threat you have in the game no matter what will be the ecosystem such as Deforestation, Over hunting, etc? Or will there be a way to completely disable anyway to destroy your world? That'd be a nice way to have a so-to-speak "Creative Mode" Where players have no limits to their world. Thanks for such a quick response too. Mods seem to be pretty good with responding on here!

  • Doesn't that defeat the object of the game, it's like just Minecraft otherwise..?

  • @Dislexic123 i would say yes it sort of does. But there may be a select group of players who play just to experience it or learn it. Truly i dont know any good reasons to have a threat free setting in all honesty. The meteor is truly enough

  • Playing without the meteor currently it is pretty easy to not kill everything with low numbers of players. Obviously once pollution is added in properly I may retract this statement.

  • @Dislexic123 the only true thing that'd make it nice were there was no destruction would be for players who want to focus on building or something. Maybe just a way to relax without any real threats

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