How to set up eco server / Quick Guide (Work in progress Guide!)

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    @slipvyne said:

    Will linux ever be an option for hosting a server? Please say yes; I can't stand windows server admin.

    It runs now via Mono on Linux. Only issue something will break like the website will not show the map correctly. I'm sure there is other issues as well.

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    Linux is officially not supported yet. But yea you can run it via mono

  • Is there a trick I'm missing in changing the default ports on a self-hosted server? My network completely borked while running on 3000/3001 so changed them to 25560/25561, opened both ports on my firewall, and forwarded both ports on router (they are being forwarded to internal 25560/25561, TCP only). I can connect fine internally, web interface can be accessed externally, but server itself cannot be seen or connected to externally. ECO auth servers also don't see it running ever. Running 5.5.1. Default ports work perfectly fine.

    Side note, what is port 2999 used for under default? I see it being mentioned as used but never actually configured anywhere

  • @NoBlackThunder Hey,

    I was hoping to get a little more info on changing world size, b4 i go messing around with it for my next server wipe. From what i can tell by looking at the code I think i know what needs to be changed. But by How much?

    "$id": "1",
    "Dimensions": {
    "x": 100,
    "y": 100

    Is it these numbers I charge higher to increase the map size, the next time I regenerate?
    What are the x and y in km miles?
    How much can you increase it?

  • Change the x,y coordinates.

    All I know is:

    • 100x100 = 1 sq km
    • 150x150 = 2.25 sq km
    • 200x200 = 4.xx sq km?

    I've never tried it where x does not equal y. That might break things.

  • To add to that, 100x100 is 100 "chunks" by 100 "chunks", each chunk being 10 blocks this makes a 100x100 world 1000 blocks by 1000 blocks and so on.

    Double the world size of that would be ((sqrt(2))*100)^2 and so on.

    There is no known max limit, but the bigger the world the more RAM it will take to generate, so that's the limiting factor.

  • Thank you both very much that's just what i need to know.

  • I saw that we need to port forward if we want to make a server, at the moment Iive in a shared house with no access to the rooter password, I am intrested to know if port forward will go away because is a big issue for me.

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    The updated version is on the wiki.. it says this is a old version and is on the wiki no.

    But yes you have to forward through your router if you want people outside your home to see the server and that will remain on the server. Servers that require posts for connection will need ports and they will need to be forwarded. This will be a permanent requirement

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  • In the beginning of this guide you say that you can change the size of the world but every time I change it to a larger size it stays the same .

  • @AMX Only with new worlds not an existing one. You can definitely change the world size of new worlds but existing worlds will always remain the same size from when they were created.

  • So I would change the size immediately after the world is generated then restart it ?

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