How to set up eco server / Quick Guide (Work in progress Guide!)

  • Its under the network tab / config

  • {
    "$id": "1",
    "PublicServer": true,
    "IPAddress": "Any",
    "GameServerPort": 3000,
    "WebServerPort": 3001

    do i need to add a line?

  • You dont use the gui? I am not sure. If you give me some time i can check. But first i need to get done at work and get Home ;)

  • here we go! this is how my config looks =)

    "$id": "1",
    "PublicServer": true,
    "Description": "ECO Offical EU Alpha 5 Test Server",
    "IPAddress": "Any",
    "GameServerPort": 3000,
    "WebServerPort": 3001,
    "Rate": 10,
    "ServerBrowserService": ""

    that should definitely help !

  • I forwarded ports properly and my server still shows offline. I host from my home computer, do I use it's IP when I use the add server button?

  • I am working on the network troubleshooting guide that should help out on figuring thinks out .. done with my first draft. when i have gone over it once or twice i will post it and then keep on expanding on it as needed =) so should be soon up and help at least

  • Any news on the guide? I'm really excited to get my server going as soon as possible. Thanks!

  • yep .. i am unable to post it here right now (dam you spam filter =P ) .. just got done porting everything somewhat over to the wiki so here you go .. hope it helps

  • hi. i have initialised the server and can connect by lan, but i can't connect to the server if i'm not on lan, i have tryed to edit the gameserport and NAT setting over and over. help. i can't figure out what the problem is

  • howdy! the comment above yours has a new updated guide .. this should hold all answers. be aware that having an IPv6 tunnel like DS-Lite will make you unable to host a server because of the way that is set up.

  • Hi I got my server working but I have the issue that it seems like I cant build anything.
    I chopped down a tree and collected the Wood but when I place it I dont see anything, same goes for laboring. I see that my shovel got dirt on it but the world looks the same as before. Is this a problem in my server config?

  • That is a pretty odd issue .. never have heard of that . What computer are you running the server on ?

  • Yeah I sorted it out. My server just couldnt show me the objects but now its working. It just needed some time to fully work.

  • Awesome guide for setup!
    I have a question > Is there currently a way to update a server running on Windows without starting the world out fresh, say, going from 5.4 staging pre-release to the release 5.4 while keeping players and their builds in world?

  • in general all you need to do is to delete all files and folders beside the Config folder and storage folder and then copy the new server files back in again without the config folder .. In most cases the server should upgrade and the old world should work

  • how do you get the files for the server

  • @Abbs Where you get the client in your account on the SLG webpage.

  • Also you need to buy eco to be able to get access to the eco server files

  • When I run server watcher as an administrator it just crashes every time after a couple seconds. I followed your tutorial exactly all the way through and it still doesn't work, so I don't know what to do. It seems like I don't have all of the correct contents in my main folder that I got directly from the website. Very confused and upset about how hard it is to play multiplayer for this game.

  • very nice detailed guide, will surely help alot of people :)

    But here is something to help you with, I see couldn't help notice you cropped the screenshots, instead you can take a screenshot of the window you are focused on, by holding ALT and hitting Print Screen key :)