How to set up eco server / Quick Guide (Work in progress Guide!)

  • @NoBlackThunder For the ports to forward, maybe I am missing it in the guide but... are they TCP, UDP, or TCP/UDP?

    Otherwise great guide.

  • Nice guide but where do i download the server files?

  • @SirusDaggani TCP only at the moment.

  • what about issue if you have run ECOServer.exe and it keeps getting stuck at 83% Initializing Serialization never gets past that mark ?

  • @midn8t its because your .net installation is out if date, you need versjon 4.6.2 of .net

  • I opened both TCP and UDP ports (2999, 3000, 3001) but when I run my server and check using It fails.

    Running 4.2 Alpha server and client.

    On the client, the server comes up as "offline". What's going on?

    I also checked windows firewall and server executable is allowed all ports.

  • you dont need to trust firewall ping sites .. you router could block those pings by default as a security measure . i am working on a guide on how to test your firewall and find out where exactly your issue is

  • @arakash There is typically two levels of firewall you need to clear.

    First, you have your router (Unless direct connected). This needs to have the firewall configured properly as well as port forwarding to so that requests to your IP address know where to forward the information to the proper port and Local Area Address.

    Second, you will most likely have software on your personal device that is hosting (As you mentioned, windows firewall). Depending on what is used, options may vary here. For my security suite, I have to add the program as trusted in and outbound, port permissions for the ports just like I did for port forward, and a few other tweaks.

    For typical home users, I doubt you will encounter additional security (Like a built in hardware firewall on your host device too).

    Either way, I experience the same issue with hosting. I can access the server on a LAN address locally, but I cannot manage to get the server to communicate through WAN. I don't have any issues with other servers I hosted, so a vital step is missing somewhere in this guide (Which is why i originally asked if it was TCP, UDP, or TCP/UDP) . I gave up trying to figure out why no one on WAN can see the server, even through a direct connect attempt since I assumed maybe the master list was not updating with my server data.

  • @Teem85 if you go to the screen where you can download the client you will also see one in that list that says 'Server'.

  • ok got all the thinks i need .. i am going to expand this guide on troubleshooting network issues. or do you guys like this to be a separate post?

  • How or where to add users for admin in

    "Admins": {
    "$id": "4",
    "System.String": {
    "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",
    "$values": []

  • "Admins": {
    "$id": "4",
    "System.String": {
    "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",
    "$values": ["Apop85"]

    It goes in the brackets following $values if you don't use quotes it won't start. OR didn't for me. Even Though I am admin though I can't seem to get it to work. I heard their was some issues if you are using a host but should work. I know it does for some. This is for 4.2 not sure about 5. Good luck!

  • thx. is there some way to give less than 10k skillpoints with /skillpoints command? i saw /skillpoint [amount] somewhere but the game dont seems to know this command.

  • Not that I know of. I was not successful in making myself in game admin. I didn't try to hard though cause I'm not trying to use any commands anyway. You could always give yourself some good food possibly to get points rolling in fast without giving yourself 10k points maybe. If you figure it out let me know! Or maybe someone else has better input on the matter

  • @Apop85 from what I saw on another thread it is one hardcoded value it seems, maybe be wrong but haven't saw anyone getting a custom value as it doesn't seem to accept parameters.

  • @pan7s yeah but at the time you have to do anything again the 3rd time because of servers without admin support (no one cares whats happening at their server, almost all are dead planets) you'll start to think different ;D. i just boosted me up to the level and professions i had before.


    Is there a way to change the blockitem of the /level command? Found this guide about admin commands but same like /skillpoint [amount] the game dont know the command /level 2,2,stoneitem like they say in this guide. But if i write /level 2,2 stoneitem the command works but dont change the default block settings. It's still dirt.

  • Haha I don't know if I will think different. The server I have going we were able to get the elk on the rise. We have planted more trees then cut down. We have added plants back to the wild more then we took :) but I do understand why someone would want to.

  • @pan7s @Apop85 :: Having no luck with the file putting in the name manually. I'm currently with PingPerfect. Does your server list you as an admin in the player list?

  • @Planeswalker have disabled admin atm but if you write it like below it should work.

    "Admins": {
    "$id": "4",
    "System.String": {
    "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",
    "$values": [

  • @Apop85 Thanks for the help. I figured it was like that and that I had done something wrong in the first place.