Will there be iPad Support?

  • I work in a school that would love to use this as part of our Citizenship programme. Our only devices are iPads and every students has one. If it won't work on an iPad we won't be able to use this awesome game. Please tell me you are building it for iPad as well.

  • Hey Campbell, we hope to, but are currently focusing on PC. We plan to do tablet/mobile versions late in development. Thanks for your interest in our game, how have you found working with tablets in the classroom so far out of curiosity?

  • I would be stoked to be able to use this in my class in the future. Your question stimulated me write a quick blog about the main things I have found about using iPads in the classroom check it out for how it is all going. http://bit.ly/1QxwcGQ

  • This is really helpful! Thanks a ton. Going to give this a read through later and comment.

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