Wolf, Elk, and Hare Starvation Bug?

  • So I have done 1 whole day of Eco now and I've noticed the wolf population and gone down drastically I only have 27 wolves left. I've only built two houses and no pollution. So far over 120 wolves have died of starvation in the first day. When I find the wolves there are elk and hares nearby I don't understand how they are dying from starvation. When I look a the graphs it shows the wolf, Elk, and Hare die by starvation. I have over 400 hare and over 100 elk why did my wolves die? Is this a bug in the game? But the Elk had 500 die from starvation and the hare had over 1300. When I see large numbers like this in my first day I wonder if its a bug. I've hardly impacted the environment. At the rate the wolves are going they will be all gone by day 2. Is this a bug or is there something I'm not understanding about the game?

  • You'll want to look at the github site when you want to check if something is a bug. There is something about large dieoffs which is being stated as starvation which is in and said to be a bug. I don't know the details of it though as I haven't played with that bug. https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/479

  • Thanks!

  • They aren't balancing the ecosystem until the alpha 5 release, so that's why the populations are all over the place. When the game starts, the numbers are unsustainable given reproduction and consumption rates. Ideally I think the world generation algorithm should simulate a few days' time passing prior to day 1 to smooth out the populations before the game begins.

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