How do I put my server on the internet? and a couple questions

  • I've been running a server on my LAN and my friend bought the game so what i want to know is how i can put my server online? I don't want to make it a public server as my server is not on 24/7 I just want my friend to be able to access my server from the internet.
    I have a couple of questions about the game:
    How do I make a Town Hall?
    If you get elected to office what can you do?

  • there are 2-3 things you need to do to bring it online.

    1. Check if your local firewall is open
    2. make sure you have forwarded the right ports.
      3.on your server under network there is a configuration where you can set it as public. this will make your game show up for everyone in the server browser, if you leave this off you still can connect to it but you need to manually add the server in your browser if you are outside of the local network.

    I recommend you read this here !

  • First, make sure the server has an ethernet cable plugged in...

    When you make your server private, you do need to add your names to the whitelist. Spelling including which letters are capitalized matters. For example, you'll probably need to whitelist Rookie2185 and not rookie 2185

    The Town hall is made in the Quarry workbench.

    I can't answer the elected, as we elected someone else.

  • Thanks for for your posts. I tried making my server public but it still won't show up. I wonder if I use a program like Hamachi if it will be easier for my friends to connect. And yes my Ethernet cable is plugged in lol.

  • I wouldn't use Hamachi. I'd check to make sure all ports are forwarded correctly via your router and computers firewall to allow incoming and outgoing connections. The server shows what port number you need to make sure is open.

  • I finally got it working!

  • @rockie2085 Being elected allows you to use the Treasury (a server global taxation system)
    You can tax any table with items/resources on a per hour basis.

    Example: I've taxed Bloomery to 1 Iron Ore per hour, meaning any operation taken by a user on the server cost 1 Iron Ore per hour.
    If they run small jobs minimum pay of 1 Iron Ore is required.

    Assume I taxed 60 Iron Ore per 1h (in short for every minute a job is run it would cost them 1 Iron Ore) (this would be insane but a great example)
    If somebody runs a 30m job they need to pay 30 Iron Ore.
    If somebody runs a job for 1m = 1 Iron Ore, 10m = 10 Iron Ore etc.
    Essentially for every portion of the 1h frame based on what the main taxation is it will require you to pay the time spend in tax.

    The resources a user pays in tax automatically lands in the Treasury Table for the leader to use.

  • @rookie2185 what did you do to get the server to work?

  • @Sparx2131 I had port forwarding on my firewall but it still didn't work so I port forward on my route and it fix it. So make sure your software firewall is working with the game as well as the routers.

  • @Nappelinis thank you for giving me the info on what being elected does.

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