French multigaming community and Eco's Server

  • Hi, I am member of a french multigaming community:
    This group is linked by survival and coop kind of games. We run several game servers (Ark, Rust, 7 Days to die) on a dedicated server and we already planned to run a Eco server as well as soon as the alpha is released. This dedicated server is paid by the community members through a donate system. It is running from 10 months now and we hope a long life for it. :-) We are not hundreds of people but the core is still strong enough ;-)
    I heard about the games some weeks ago and Ifound here a real great concept behind this idea. I used all my lobbying power to get my community to host a server for Eco ;-)
    We are mostly (if not fully :P) french people but don't worry, you will be welcome both at forum and Teamspeak server.
    Again, I see here a great concept and hours of fun (and less fun :P) to cooperate with others people and make the world surviving us. :-)

  • i guess you are advertising for your server already =) .. gonna check if we can create a forum category for that.

  • Thank you!
    It is not only advertising ;-). It shows also that some french guys/community are supporting you in this project, and that we are ready to host a server from the beginning of the game.
    I have also a twitch channel, so I can stream the game to promote it, as soon as I am playing :)

  • Sounds great! We'll get a category for player hosted servers soon.

  • i have moved you post into this new Section, so it will be easier to find =)

  • Hi, I am member of Survitopia too. We're ready to play ! ;)

  • Server is running fine since yesterday!

    Eco server:
    Web and forum:

    TS is recommended if not mandatory, for the huge coop side of the game ;-)

  • There is more than 35 players playing on our server since 1 week. If u seek after a good community, join us ! :)

    Nous sommes +35 joueurs sur le serveur depuis 1 semaine. Si vous souhaitez rejoindre une communauté amicale et découvrir le jeu, rejoignez-nous !

  • Trying to join.
    Salut avec un pote on a rejoint le jeu hier et votre serveur nous tente bien. Cependant depuis hier le jeu semble se connecter sur le serveur mais on reste bloqué à une ligne d'horizon, rien ne charge.
    On a créé notre propre serveur local, mais c'est moins drôle :)
    A bientôt.

  • Bonjour,
    On a rencontré un souci en essayant de redémarrer une partie avec le hotfix. Il n'a pas trop aimé. On travaille dessus actuellement. Dès que c'est bon je reposterais un message.
    A très bientôt.

  • C'est bon, c'est reparti!
    Rejoignez le TS également. À tout de suite!

  • Bubix nous propose une vidéo de présentation de ECO !

    Partagez vos impressions avec nous sur notre site web :
    @ bientôt.

    Bubix offers us a presentation video of ECO !

    Share your impressions with us on our website:
    See ya.

  • Serveur en version 0.2
    Go test!

  • It's been seven days and whenever I log on now it's an empty world - did the meteor destroy the world?

  • Hi,
    Server hardware hosting the Eco server is going to be upgraded so the server Eco will be unavailable for 24/48h. Because of holidays, Christmas, ... we are expecting some delay because of this period.
    Sorry for the inconvenience but we expect also better performance with this operation for the future.

  • Still unable to connect... when will it be back up?

  • Probably next alpha release, because of the big bugs in alpha 2.

    L'alpha 2 est trop buggée, je pense que ça ne vaut pas le coup de relancer un serveur. Si seulement on avait une idée de la sortie d'une nouvelle version.

  • Server will be ready Friday afternoon at the latest. New game will be launched at this date, we will not wait for the next alpha version.

  • Server is now ready ;)
    U can play here : as before !
    Ts3 :

    See u in game for a new party :D

  • New party since today, see u in game !

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