Eden Prime: Cooperative ECO 24/7 EU Based | Altered!

  • It's a serious server, but we do know how to have fun. You can expect a lot of laughs amidst all the teamwork!

    Discord: 0sAtwAaD48vEjEgW

    We have introduced alterations to the configs in order to add more challenges to the gameplay (animal overpopulation and such).

    The meteor is set to hit the world, but have no fear; we are already well on our way to deterring it!
    Wish to be part of this?

    Let us know!
    Post in this topic with what you want your role(s) to be on the server.
    You can see the image that I added to the topic for info about the roles are available.
    You will then be added to the list.

    This is not a whitelisted server.
    It's just a way for us to keep track.

    Working on a trailer with a self-made soundtrack as we speak. Let me know if you want to be a part of it!

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