• Just managed to unlock the Factory. Have one set up in a room with several generators (Electrical and Combustion, I believe). How do we get power to the Factory?

    Screenshot of the powergrid shows we should have the right amount of available power?


    Basically, I have no idea what I'm doing :D Advice would be much appreciated.

  • @PlatypusFeatures
    We tried powering our Factory with a single gen and that doesn't seem to work, or it doesnt work well.
    We setup (1 Comb + 1 Elec gen) and 2 Induction Gens (work much better) just fuel them and they create Electricity directly without having to filter through Comb Gen -> Elec Gen)
    To get the factory running we ran all three at the same time. The yellow lines you see on the power grid for Power Sources will turn green when they are running (yellow seems like idle status)

    Th Factory requires 2.5k, each gen makes 1k, which made us assume you need to run 3 at the same time.
    Remember to run them with Petroleum or Gasoline, we've found that Gasoline works best and might also be bugged.
    After a single consumption of gasoline the Induction stopped consuming gasoline....not sure if but yet.

    Hope this helps.
    FYI: Dont get a truck! Its a chest model, you cannot move and it does nothing :)

  • Note that the person who puts down the combustion generator or induction generator is currently the only person that can put fuel in them. Other players cannot open them like a table or fuel them (like a campfire, oven or furnace can).
    We had Nappelinis running around to fuel them.

  • What Jhadred said: It's owner specific. Whoever places the Generator (Comb/Elec/Ind) is the one fueling until those get fixed (hopefully in next patch).

  • Thanks guys. I'll have a play around with them this weekend and see what I can find out.

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