New server, map is bugged now...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can your provide a screenshot for devs to get a look at what you are experiencing.

  • lol look at your map, and have no interaction.. that is what we have.. we reset the server cause reasons

  • Hard to follow without seeing what you are seeing/not seeing on your map.

    Does it not generate? Is the server newly created? It might take time for the map feature to fully render!?
    Or does it render but not render certain option, hence me asking for a screenshot, so we can see how your map feature differs from what you should see.

  • its a zero line bug best i can tell cross back and forth with carts had all kinds of issues lol since i do not have screen shots as the map graphically was not rendered wrong except show tables in wrong spots and not allow you to click or rotate it.

  • Did you create with same name on same machine? Did you delete local user data? Clear out all files for restart? (not just storage)

  • full regen all new files

  • Gonna try to translate.

    You are doing testing at 0 coordinates, like x,y,z with 0x,some y, 0z?
    And you are teleporting(tell cross back and forth with carts?) at that location?
    Screenshots (download lightshot-> Lightshot) should help.
    And your minimap features at that location renders tables/objects incorrectly.
    And you cannot click or rotate on map like you normally could?

  • we no longer have the map or the issues because we did not want to deal with zero line issues. didnt know everyone on the server was gonna vote for a restart when i posted this

  • I think it would still be very useful to be able to post this map issue related to 0,y,0 coords as a bug ticket to review, since ultimately this will happen to somebody, intentional or not. Any detailed information, including screenshots would be amazingly helpful to developers to track down how to resolve this issue for all other players to come.

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