My server is gone?!

  • Hey everyone! Has anyone had an issue where their server literally disappears from the server list?! I had it favorited, and it has always simply been there but said "offline" if there were some sort of server issue. But, I was playing today and the game began to lag (every action I did was delayed by at least 10 seconds) so I figured I was having a bad server connection. I re-logged to find that the server was completely gone! Is this common?? Is there any way to check on if the server still exists??

    The server was called "Eco Springs."

  • There is the possibility that the host no longer wants it listed so it will not show up anymore. sadly i have seen a few private servers go this way, usually ones where the host/admin looses interest. you are welcome to start a plot on QQ United, we did just restart today :)

  • I joined that server last night. Sad that it is gone. It was the lowest ping server that was listed. Hopefully it comes back once I learn how to play the game.

  • I hope it's not Eco Springs..
    If it is, I'm sorry. I'll get it back up asap. World has an indexing error and crashes far too often. Will be wiped/made new with Alpha 5.

  • Sigh.. It was. Restarting now.

    Any idea how to stop server 2012 from throwing a crash screen and stopping server manager from picking it back up? Waits for me to click end program when it crashes.

  • Not exactly sure how the server manager works. Though with a quick thought about it you could write your own, not sure your knowledge in C# and or programming in general. In the new program have it check the process status. So you would want to make it check every so often to see if the EcoServer.exe has a status of Running. If it is any other status force quit EcoServer.exe and relaunch it.

    This should fix the issue of having to click end program when it crashes.

  • I am planning on scripting server restarts for a5 so I may just build my own manager. Thanks

  • Found a local policy that may help.
    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Error Reporting.
    Prevent display of the user interface for critical errors > Enabled

    Will let you know if it works.

    Read More:

  • There is a 'serverwatcher' executable you can run that monitors the EcoServer and relaunches it if it crashes. You can also set up ecoserver as a service to auto-restart on crashes as well with a bit of configuration work.

  • @Metachronism I use server manager but the issue was with server 2012. Server watcher doesn't restart unless the program ends. Server 2012 was catching the crash and stopping the program from actually ending, so server watcher wasn't picking it up.

  • mhh i can recommend an application called firedaemon. it cost 50$ . but if you do lots of game server hosting i can recommend it. its stable and converts ant application into a service, you can also access the gui even though its a service by switching to session 0.

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