ECO youtube channel for training students to become future devs?

  • I would like to see a youtube channel that not only advertises new features and content surrounding the game but also some tutorials for modding,using the wiki,forums and possibly offer some insights for students that want to become devs. Maybe you suggest a website to learn PHP and or other programming resources that would help students to build the game.

  • Hey.
    I cant officially reply to this. but on a personal view, i think there will be several video and articles that will be user created and and maybe some more from the official developers.
    They already released a simple overview on how the modkit will work. Ref:
    There is also a good website out to help with learning any web language like php. Ref :

    I hope that helps for a start.

  • @JohnK I noticed that there is a text based tutorial already and it seems that there where some helpful tips among these forum topics
    link text

    Is it possible to synthesize several of these posts into 1 post and also create a youtube video so that visual learners can pick it up?

    Is there any way to get data on the total number of posts in the forums and the total number of articles in the wiki? If there is a specific place in the wiki for Educational Resources I maybe willing to synthesize several of these posts into 1 post for the wiki.

    I would also like to see beyond the test based wiki a video tutorial of how to do things.
    I know from personal experience that some people just do not learn well reading but they thrive with video.

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