Potential digestion glitch: extremely fast digestion

  • Has anyone else encountered a situation where they eat some foods and within a few minutes it's digested and have any details?

    I don't think indigestion and the runs or nausea exist as concepts, except for an admin command, however Nappelinis and I have encountered a situation where food disappeared from our systems extremely quickly.

    I believe it may have to do with eating the same types foods that have recently digested (in some fashion), as we both had been following some food plans of mine. I will be seeing if I can duplicate it further.

    Edit: I just had it happen within the timeframe of creating the post. I had eaten the same 3 food types that I had previously eaten (and digested). The scenario was that in the past two days, I was eating 3 foods that maximized my skill points to 298/day. I don't know when it digested today since I was gone for 10 hours, but when I returned I was at 0.0 and no foods. I figured that was normal digestion. I then ate the same foods. 295.1 A few minutes later, 0.0. Checked with Nappelinis to see if he had any info on his situation where muffins were disappearing from his stomach then burned calories, ate the same foods again to 295.1 and posted the pre-edit information. I came back to find myself at 0.0 again.
    I have now just eaten 1 different food type and 1 same foodtype which will give me at most 268.6 points and will reply if anything happens to that same foodtype.

    Edit 2: I just realized that Nappelinis had started one of my food plans prior to me making more of them and I also accidentally ate different seeds twice which may have extended my digestion time somehow, since I believe he said his occurred on day two, and I had been on my food plan for about 3 days. I have not had a strange digestion disappearance in the past hour and will monitor as much as possible (limited timeframe for me in the next day or two) . If I can duplicate, then I will have to recommend not eating the full same food types that just digested, but instead, include another item just for the sake of resetting a digestion timer that would remove the entire stack of food.

    Note: It looks like digestion somehow acts as a stack instead of a per item 'first in, first out' method.

    Edit 3: briefly logged in again within 30 minutes. The foodtype did disappear. The new foodtype did not. (ate a different new foodtype to get some amount of points and will let these digest to be able to retest starting with a desired food plan.

  • A thought comes up which the developers could better test . Would they get this behavior eating only ecoylent? As this would mean the "player" is eating only one food type and this could cause the same behavior if eaten often enough. Say eating one before the previous would be digested.

    Could it be that the digestion timer is active separately for each item, and when each timer ends, it clears out the stack of foods so that additionally eaten items are cleared out by those prior timers? So if we were to eat 9 muffins and 9 sausages both eaten in rapid succession due to calorie use (mining). The full stack of muffins disappear due to the first eaten muffin leaving 9 sausages and making food imbalance make skill points per day take a nosedive. Therefore 9 more muffins are eaten to bring it back up. These disappear in a few minutes due to timer #2 clearing the stack? So in annoyance 9 more muffins are eaten. They then disappear due to timer #3. Etc.

    If that's the case a workaround would be to let the last timer elapse before eating the same foodstuff. I'll work on eating the same thing to see if the above could be true.

  • Some of my food is still disappearing soon after I eat it so I haven't been able to start a fresh test yet. If someone is at the point that they're willing, can someone try to reproduce it? You'll be getting 250 skill points per day in return until the issue starts. Here are two ratios, one using a skill of cooking 4, another using a skill of cooking 2.:

    Start with an empty stomach if possible. Perhaps if you are feeding a teammate and they haven't eaten yet:
    *Eat nothing but campfire stew and wheat porridge in a 2:1 ratio . So 2 stew : 1 porridge
    This will give 2850 calories, and also give you average nutrients of C: 33.2, P: 29.5, F: 36.8, V: 37.4 with a multiplier of 1.8 and daily skill points of 250.5
    *Do labor so you have to eat a lot. Eat only these foods. Ideally, on day 1, you'll have anywhere from 10:5 to 20:10 in the stomach itself. On day 2, you might have the 20:10 or more.
    *On day 2 and 3 or longer: monitor your stomach to see how the food disappears. a) Does an entire stack just disappear even though you only ate example: 3 hours ago? b) Keep eating the same thing. Does this disappear quickly? Once you can confirm this is happening, please reply. Also, you'll need to switch to eating anything other than the foods that are disappearing (stew/porridge).

    Don't have cooking 4 and never will? You can still help and get a 178.5 skill point rate.
    *Eat a 1:1 charred meat to charred greens ratio. This will give you 24, 24, 28, 24 with a multiplier of 1.8 and as mentioned 178.5 daily skill point.
    Follow same instructions as the Cooking 4 ratio.

  • This post is deleted!

  • My original issue in a screenshot

    1. Stomach content was 18 Charred Sausages
    2. Ate 3 Huck Muffs(no Sausage eating in 1/2 rl day) (new stomach content 18 Charred Sausage + 3 Huck Muffs)
    3. 1-2 Ingame days later, Huck Muffs digested (left with 18 Charred Sausage, none of them were digested even though they have been in stomache much much longer)

    Left side, after eating 3 Huck Muffs to balance out
    Right side, shortly after digestion issue.
    Updated better image

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