How to report bugs

  • Please report bugs directly to the public issue tracker instead on the forums here:**

    Giving as much detail as possible is very important, it helps the developers to find the cause and resolve bugs faster, we have therfore created a form to use below to help and guide you to create a new bug report.

    Type of Feedback? (Should go in Thread Title) [Server Bug | Client Bug |Client Issue |Server issue | Enhancement | Suggestion]
    For now i think it would be nice that we post only bugs and issues with the game here, you can create feedback under the Ideas and feedback category, this way its easier to keep track of them and have a good overview

    • Server, Client or Website?

    • OS/Web Browser?

    • Detailed Description of Issue:

    • Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce?

    • Steps to reproduce bug/issue:

    • Additional Comments:

    • Client Version? [Alpha .01 for example]

    Include recent Crash dump ( get only generated if the server crashes)

    Screenshots are also helpful if you can snag some. Video is even better. Happy hunting!

    ps: thanks to trance who helped simplify this post

  • Update!

    If you post bugs could you guys please be so nice and post 1 bug per post and not 2 or 10 or 100 ? =P it makes it easier to have an overview over all bugs and discussions if each bug goes in its own post ! =)