ParaBlox - UK - 2.25Km2

  • Hey folks UnexpectedGreg here. Just to let you all know I have started up my own server. It is hosted in the UK by PingPerfect. It has been online since 23.07.2016. I am really keen to get some players on the server. Below are some of the rules:

    • Work together to make the Eco system work.

    • Be nice to other people. I have a BlackList and I'm pretty sure I know how to use it. Foul language is mostly filtered but if you bypass this filter by putting full stops between your letters, you're not going to get a very good reception from me or other people.

    • Do not go around the world just grabbing items and killing animals since this defeats the objective of the game.

    • Do not build too close to each other ensuring everyone has plenty of space to build.

    • Don't forget to replant what you have destroyed to keep the Eco system working.

    • I like using this one because it means something - Use Common Sense!!!

    If you have any problems on the server please PM myself. Unfortunately since there is a limited amount of things I can do as an Admin, don't get your hopes up if you for example build near water and suddenly your house is flooded, I'm not going to be able to do a great deal. Eventually when the game comes out of Alpha, I will setup some forums of my own.

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