Glitchy part of map teleporting cart [video]

  • Hi
    I have been working on a project on my server (Gaea) called the World Wide Road, a road that encircles the world, its nearly finished but it seems part of the map is a little bugged and every time my cart enters that part of the tunnel the screen goes blank and I have to press E to leave the cart which puts me back in the tunnel but the cart is way up on top of the hill the tunnel runs through. I know the game is early alpha which is why I don't mind bugs, but I really would like to get the road finished but unfortunately I don't know what is causing the cart to freak out :/

    Video: Sorry for no audio:

  • Thats a know issue :)

  • Too bad Its inside tunnel. Workaround is building two ramps and let cart pass that point on the way down, unmanned. But you will need more space inside that tunnel to do so.

  • Looks like a 0 coord issue, you coords jump from x=500 to x=0 at that point, others have reported issues with 0 coord teleportation and map grlitches.

  • If you build up enough speed, you can eject from the cart before crossing the boundary and it should work - if you want a workaround

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