Rights trading system

  • So currently we have a system of restrictions based upon enacted laws, such as "Each player may not kill more than X elk per day".

    My suggestion is to allow players to trade a particular right that they have to another player.

    For example, if the law states that a player may not kill more than 2 Elk per day, and I don't have the hunting skill, then I'm never actually going to use that right at all. Furthermore if my hunting skill is too low, I will not have as much to gain from exercising that right than a player who has a high hunting skill.

    A simple work around would be for me, as a non-hunter or low skilled hunter, to sell, trade or give my right to kill 2 elk away to someone who can make better use of it.

    Perhaps this would need paper or some other form of transfer which basically states:

    "I AParticularPlayer hereby grant AnotherParticularPlayer my right to kill 2 elk per day, for the next X days."

    Those rights can be traded for another item or simply given away for free.

    The same could be applied to any other right, for example, the right to produce tailings. I could for example sell my right to produce tailings to someone who will get a much more benefit from producing them than I would.

    Essentially, it's a form of emissions trading scheme.

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