Privacy, Security, and Information Control

  • Just FYI. I emailed Kickstarter support and they told me that someone under 18 can back a project with parents permission, so I know there is probably at least a few people under 18 on here, and I think they should be able to help even if they can't sign a NDA.

  • I'm under 18.

  • Any news on whether NDA would be needed or not?

  • The only problem I see with having the developer forums readable by the public is in regards to how much detail you want the general public to see. Suppose, for example, a thread opens up to tackle a programming problem. Source code is posted through the course of discussion. One way to side step that is to have a setting where anything inside code tags are unreadable unless logged in, but there might be other issues with public disclosure. It really depends on how closely you want to guard your own code.

    In regards to NDA, you can ask that parents sign it on behalf of their child and/or obtain birth date information so that the minor can sign their own agreement when legally able to do so.

  • This could be solvable with a new forum. I'm assuming we will be able to split off programming challenges in to a locked sub forum to keep them hidden.

    Not to say making the forum visible is a good idea or not (I'm undecided).

  • I wouldn't mind having my legal guardian/parent co-sign an NDA with me. If they're under 18 and funding at the level of $175, it seems like they're at least 16

  • What was the difference between the $125 and $175 tier in terms of development? Can only $175 pledges contribute? I'm only at the $125 tier.

  • $175 and above have source code access. Below that and you cant contribute to the code, or at least thats my understanding.

  • What about art? I personally wouldn't be coding anyways.

  • I don't think they will care if you post suggested art. It's just you won't be able to see the source code.

  • Ok, thanks.

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