Powered benches always on now?

  • All of my benches are now burn fuel 24/7 rather then when tasked? is this an intended change or did i get lucky in 4.1 and have a bug where it only burned when tasked?

  • Can you determine which benches do this? I was planning on testing all of them but haven't had time to confirm. I noticed the oven doing this first but I suspect anything that uses power. Can you tell if it happens after the first item is created as well? (I'll update the title to this if it's all workbenches)


  • Ok so it does stop using power after the first item is created. tested cement kiln, kiln, bellows, oven.

  • Thanks. Updated the title and linked back to this forum post. We'll see what they say.

    Normally, in 4.1, I put fuel in first before ever making something so I had been doing the same in 4.2, but since I teamed up with 4 other people on a mass deed instead of having my own, I hadn't noticed until I put fuel into the oven that no one had baking yet.

  • Slightly related...
    I had a Bloomery once (in 4.1) that would repeatedly restart the current job when the timer got to zero. left alone, this burnt off all the fuel. Important note: the Bloomery had lots of tailings in it already and probably did not have enough space to hold the outputs of the order. Even after removing all the tailings and restarting the order, the Bloomery would still repeatedly restart it's order.

  • hmmm our cement kiln, seems to stop after 1 job but on the second job it just keeps burning when done.

  • @jhadred just got a blast furnace, and its even more of a troll.. it says Powered, then consuming off.. but im watching it use my fuel

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