Using rock as walls

  • Hello!

    Can I use rock as wall?? Like cut it from the mountain and pile on each other as walls. And have wood as roof? Doesnt seem to work?

  • Hey @Bananen
    You should be able to use stone/rock as walls. Wood roof. Just make sure room requirements are met by hovering over the table within.
    Most starting tables require 10 logs to be included in the structure and there to be 10 open spaces.

    Down down view:
    S = stone/soil/logs (pretty much whatever)
    D = door slot (to walk through)
    o = free slot


    9 Open slots, the door slot counts as the 10th required open space.
    10 blocks of the buildign need to be logs, if your roof above the 'o' and 'D' are logs you should be fine.

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