I'm not sure where non-developers can post ideas but... (not official)

  • I am posting this here as a place for non-devs to post potential game ideas and discuss concerns within current ideas

    the rules for posting are as follows

    ---- Do not re-post ideas
    ---- Do not pointlessly criticize other posts (e.g. that is stupid because it is already in X game)
    ---- Take consideration into your ideas (make sure they are remotely conceivably possible)
    ---- DON'T demand that your idea becomes a part of the game (for all i know no dev will ever look at this post)
    ---- Don't claim that anyone's idea is inferior to yours
    ---- Do post good ideas
    ---- Don't worry about what others will say about your post
    ---- Don't attack others based on anything but logic and reasoning concerning their statements
    ---- Be sure that your idea goes here and not the modding section
    ---- Be respectful to all

    (I am not a member of the strange loop games team nor do i claim to be. i merely wished for a place for people without the monetary means to post ideas supporting the game in a professional manner i apologize for any rule breaking that might have occurred during this post.)

    Thank you for your time
    you can message me on the forums with any questions
    or you can reach me at my email: tinyfoothus@yahoo.com

    -Eli (tiny)

  • Animal Husbandry

    My Idea is to have the ability to contain and raise elk and other animals for active farming.
    the husbandry would be a separate skill from farming in that you have to capture and tame animals and pacify them for the good of the group.
    the tame animals would have different laws than the wild animals and would be more beneficial than hunting but would have drawbacks so as to not rule out hunting.
    there would have to be a way for the animals to breed such as a stables building
    and a way to feed them maybe grains to feed.
    if you gave each tame animal stats such as: weight, strength, produce and fertility.
    you could utilize the animals for things such as: plows, horses for transport, carriages/wagons for item transport, dogs were used for hunting, carrier pigeons were used for mail(rookery building?),

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