Gaea - New Dedicated Eco Server! [No Meteor] [UK]

  • Thank you for checking out this topic.

    I have started a server called Gaea, it is open to anyone who wants to play.
    There are some minor rules that you will have to abide by, but they shouldn't be a problem.

    1: Don't surround peoples claims with your claims, its super annoying and very childish.
    2: Only take what you need, don't go around killing all the animals.
    3: Remember to replant when you can to help keep our ecosystem strong.
    4: Respect all who play the server, trolling will not be tolerated.

    Here is some server information, for those who understand it.

    Host is PingPerfect
    4GB Ram
    100 Player slots.
    No Teamspeak (may add at a later date)
    Hosted on SSD
    Server located in London, UK.

    We also have a Facebook Community Page where 'citizens' can ask for help or keep up to date on server news.

    You can join the Gaea server by either finding it in the server list or by joining directly to the IP:

  • I think I ended up on this one. I'm day 1, but eventually got a building competed (roofs are not intuitive.) :-/

    I made a community chest in my new house with basic gathering foods anyone can have and have a workbench and research station.

    Thank You for having patience with new players. :)

  • For the teamspeak, you can use Discord instead, it's free and very reliable

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