Other means of payment

  • I really want to buy eco but I don't want to pay with my credit card so are other means of payment like PaySafeCard going to be added?

  • Hey there is currently no other payment support beside paypal. There is also no plan to add other payment method then paypal. When eco moves into beta it will be released on steam and you will be able to use steam payment system instead

  • Uhh that's unfortunate, problem is that I'm dumb and I bought the cards before looking if it would be accepted so I have 70€ worth of them ^^' (I wanted to buy the two-pack). Anyway do you know when the beta will be released (approximatively)? I think I've seen somewhere that alpha 5 is the last beta but I'm probably wrong.

  • well there will be alpha 5 first and not sure if there will be an alpha 6 ... could happen or not .. and after that it goes into beta.. though that might not happen before next year.. its impossible to say really

  • Ok, well I'll probably keep my cards for later and buy it with a credit card then.

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