Carts!? halp! but really carts why..

  • so carts are a giant pain in the butt.. can you not just pick them back up? constantly having them get stuck or launched into the air.

  • Known issues:

    RIght now, it's an Alpha game, so there's nothing to do but be amused at the flying and jumping carts and to see the not quite game breaking bugs and just make sure they're either already reported, or report if you don't find an existing forum post. It should be noted that carts were only added in Alpha 4 which was only released last month. We'll find out what was fixed in 4.2 later today and later on what was changed in 5.

    What's really fun is to drag a few carts to a place where the wolves run and stand back and watch carts fly up every so often.

  • lol i know its alpha.. been here since alpha 2.. but yes.. another great place for carts is rabbit fields! lol i tried searching the forum but no one actually had anything with cart and not being able to pick up just people talking about using them on roads and what not.

  • i recommend searching issues up on the github issue tracer . you can search for open issues there with short names like "carts" etc and see if there is an open issue.. if you dont find an open issue you should check the closed one also just to check if its not fixed already for the next update. this would be the easiest since forum search wont give you just results from bug reports but every time some one mentions carts ;)

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