Can't use dev forums?

  • Thanks folks, good info.
    So what is the anticipated Alpha release date (If a date is set)?
    Looking forward to using this for Education.

  • For now the official info is that they will try to get the alpha out early / mid November. but this is only an estimation so far i know .. no exact date has been set, and it could change too. but should not be to long from now

  • As NBT said, they are pushing for Mid-Nov but anything can happen. The Dev tier already reported a bunch of bugs with their first play through, and I'm sure there will be more bugs popping up now that the QA team technically expanded a little with players testing out the game. Lets hope for the best and most importantly: be patient.

  • I upgraded my pledge to the Developer tier but I'm not sure what process I need to go through to get added to the repository and Dev forum. I put in a support form a few hours ago but haven't heard anything and still don't appear to have access. Luckily I'm still setting up my dev environment VM but not sure if that stuff needs to be done manually or what not.

  • when you get access to github , there is a readme file that explains what you need and how to set it up partialy.. i visual studio you open first the server stuff and build that . then you need to make sure you have all large file content on the right sport ( explained on github! ) and then you can build the client with unity, though i hate unity .. because of unity and large files are on another system its hard to build the client the first time .. but building server is fairly easy ( YEAA microsoft =P )

  • btw did you get access to slack ? i am on slack too

  • Hey folks,

    Since we opened the forum to the public, it has created a bug in our process for getting dev's their super powers.

    Out of time today, but the bug will be fixed tomorrow and I'll add anyone needing dev access.

  • ahh dint know there was a group tag =P
    added it to my self =P

  • i just wanted to say i was looking at the page and mis-clicked
    I have not purchased and so not deserve dev status
    please ignore my invite request

  • @NoBlackThunder said:

    Hey. and welcome to the forums. For now i think the dev forums is only for persons that have 125$ tier or above ( if i am not mistaking) the alpha has also not yet been released.

    if you have a 125$ tier just poke me and i get in contact with one of the strangeloop Developers=)

    hope that helps you =)

    I have dev tier im a kickstarter backer lol i cant ppost on dev forums

  • ok guess you need to send john a mail then and he fixes you right up when he gets time .. i spare you the trouble of searching for his mail =) ...

    but you should have gotten a mail from him several month ago .. so not sure what happens but he will check it out =P

  • I updated your guys' forum accounts as dev users. yay! Welcome to the secret club!

    And for future people, here is a SOLUTION:

    Login to your ECO account, find the "Dev Chat" option, and read the instructions for confirming that you have made an ECO forum account that we can upgrade.

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