Farming Speed does not affect planted tree growth?

  • Is anyone able to confirm the farming speed on trees if it works or not? I'm not ready to put it into the github yet.

    From what I was seeing, it looked like trees were not affected by farming speed. I also had another person with a lower farming speed rating plant a tree seed at the same time I did next to (two squares away technically) mine in two different locations.

    However, Muzzak and I were able to confirm that at least with another plant (huckleberries) that the farming speed skill only matters to the person putting the seed into the tilled tile. We also tested these 2 squares away from the tree in the same two deeds. My 6 hour growth time to his 10.

  • so just read the stat, it says it increase growth speed of Cedar seed.

  • Yes. That's why I'm posting the inquiry. The skill says it should, however from some testing, we are not seeing that it does and it would be nice to have confirmation from other users as well about what they are seeing before I put this into the bug tracker.

    It also doesn't help that hovering over a cedar seed doesn't give the correct timeframe to know what the reduction should be.

    As mentioned, we confirmed that the growth was working as expected with a huckleberry seed, which is also mentioned in the skill. But the trees are still growing at the same speed.

  • gotchya, we will test on our server then. let you know probably tomorrow

  • @stormoffires Thanks, I appreciate it!
    We were/are using the dev server in comparison.

  • day 2 of tree growth.. still do not have full grown trees and im at 106% growth rate.

    no different between someone with 0% and me at 106%

  • Thanks. That's what I was seeing too. Perhaps we can retest after 4.2 is released then determine if we need to enter an Issue to the tracker.

  • Sorry about getting to this so late; cedar seeds are not currently affected by the skill, nor will they be post-patch.

    If everything goes faster than expected today, I might be able to sneak this in. No promises, though!

  • Ah. Well, that confirms that. Time to find something else to test. Thanks!

  • @craig-jong is it suppose to take 6 real days for a tree to get into young adult? we have yet to see a planeted tree from day 1 reach full grown and its day 7 now for us.

  • It takes about 5 days in real time for a tree to grow - in-game time is irrelevant for now.

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