planet size increase

  • although this game seems fun and something i could get into if later down the road we can host our own private servers for friends but right now i feel like the planet is far to small to be able create a great a great town and defend it before the timer is up and we are faced with the inevitable. that being said do we get to continue on after the event happens or does it reset. also wondering about other ways we could use clean energy to do things as we go but for that it boils down to larger planets

  • I totally agree, but since the game is in Alpha, they will most likely add the ability to change the size of the planet at some stage, as for now though, I think it is best to stick with a default size while the game still gets built. :D

  • server admin can change planet size if they wish, that said. you need to remember that unlike minecraft, eco is not unloading chunks. every thing is still loaded and simulated , the whole world. so the bigger the planned the bigger the performance impact

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