How do i find a server with wheat?

  • To be able to farm requires some wheat. I've tried several servers but can't find any wheat. The first server was a small one, and all wheat and most other resources are in player owned land. The second server, i searched all over before i noticed that the chat box tells me the server contains no wheat. In the chat box of the third server, the wheat count was a few thousand, i searched for several hours but found non outside of two players garden, i asked other players, one offered to sell me some (no idea what i would pay with) and a second one wanted to give me some seeds (which i couldn't use yet). The third server had a wheat count of 2. The fourth server a wheat count of 17.

    On which server is it actually possible to start playing this game? Building a house and garden is basic in this game isn't it?

  • @joseph said:

    Building a house and garden is basic in this game isn't it?

    Not necessarily. If other players have built those things and are sharing, just use theirs. I am an expert logger, smelter, and steelworker on the UO server but I haven't made a single building, chest, or food item. You get the best progress by cooperating and specializing. Personally, I hate making buildings, so this game lets me skip the bits I enjoy less.

    As for a server with wheat, consider UO. People have planted wheat back into the wild so it is fairly easy to come by now. It's not very active at the moment due to research bottlenecks, but should pick up again soon.

  • When a server first generates, that's usually the best time to find wheat. Day 1 or Day 2. Beyond that, getting it from another player is the easiest. You can also ask for the agriculture skill scroll so you could use it. Maybe even ask for a hoe. See

    A house and garden is not basic in this game. It's best when it's community driven. Think of it like real life. Do you work somewhere? Do you have your own garden you eat only from, or do you go to the store and restaurant to buy food?

    It's easiest to have certain players be really efficient at food production while you focus on being efficient at something else. If you're expecting to be able to do every skills, you have a looonnnngggg time of waiting for those skill points to grow to be able to do things efficiently.

    What was your response and their response to selling wheat and giving seeds? People even saying that are a step. Just ask what you can do in return for those seeds and do it. Cut down a tree and stump they want removed. I've given away seeds, hoes and the skill scroll quite often.

    You really don't have a use for wheat unless you cook, or you're doing your own research to be able to cook/grow food. (And if someone is willing to give you the skill scrolls for the already researched item, why bother?)

  • @Goertzenator I had a look at the UO server. The people on there are hard at work trying to save that world. Someone with low skills seems to be sabotaging that, because he gets less resources from things. I haven't seen any such cooperation on other servers. I had a look around at UO, but have no idea how i could be useful there. Isn't it boring to be only logging, smelting and making steel?

    @jhadred What i've seen on most servers i've visited (the official server and UO being the exception), is each player having their house (with workbenches) and garden. There are no shops. There are no boards with job offers.

    Specialising in something is indeed more fun than everyone being able to do the same things. I guess you would need a group of people starting at server launch, with a leader and everyone filling a particular role. But at the moment i don't know enough about this game to help out like that, i'm only trying to learn the basics.

    I noticed a day-one server, so i decided to try that one. There are two people online. One told me he had just reset the server. I asked them if they where working together to save the world from the meteor. He responded that there is no meteor. I told them i don't know much about the game yet. He responded that the server isn't the best sever for me. I asked why, telling about my previous experiences, but got no response.

  • I wouldn't worry about being useful, but know that most groups are specializing to get somewhere. Going alone is just really slow and lets you just kind of play around while the other part of the world goes on. Nothing wrong with that.

    As for being given some free starter stuff, why not? I give it away exactly for the reason that wheat is hard to get. Usually I don't need to give away the other seeds. Giving away computers and engines... probably not. Just accept the stuff and go and do your own thing and make friends for a group next time.

    If you really want to do something from scratch... start up your own server. You can make it private if you want. That's what I did until I learned enough about what I was doing to join a public server. Then you do your own thing while talking to people. Just progress.

    When I joined a public server, I just did my own thing while they had massive towers. The server restarted. I did my own thing for a tiny bit and we all discussed teaming up for some stuff and it snowballed. Next reset we're planning a larger team deed. Some others are still just doing their own thing with their own garden, and that's just fine too.

    Having a board with job offers or wants would be nice. You can always put in a suggestion if it doesn't exist in game.

  • There's always demand for new skills as research progresses, so we take turns specializing in the new skills as they become available. I won't be just a steelworker forever.

    Don't be afraid to ask for a job. I'd give you menial mining or road building jobs at the start, but keep your belly full and soon you'll be able to take a unique specialization and play a part.

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