buried cart

  • ive noticed that if you leave a cart underground in a tunnel sometimes it will teleport above ground. More recently my powered carts have started to bury themselves. Sometimes they will reappear where i left them and then disappear underground/buried again.


  • could you try to give more detail around this ? is this happening after you move a a given distance away? or on server restart ? or just randomly( randomly sucks because then its harder to find the cause )?

  • I've also observed this. I had an above ground case were a cart stuck on terrain vanished and then at some later point reappeared. I think this happens to several carts in the world simultaneously; I recall other people all started talking about missing carts on the server at the same time. No other correlations I can think of.

  • After leaving the carts unused for a long period of time (hours) it seems to occur.

    I had two powered carts pretty close together, 1 was parked in a tunnel, the other parked just outside the tunnel. I did not log on for almost 2 days, when i returned they had disappeared. After a server crash/restart they were back (along with everyone elses missing carts). By this stage i had built a new powered cart which i was happily using however at some point the one parked outside the tunnel was in my way so i moved it slightly. A few hours later my new cart and the moved cart remained while the one which i had left stationary again had disappeared, fallen through the world and buried at -27000 or something close to.

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