Can't play :(

  • Hey again
    Since I started playing Eco I have been playing on a server called Elysium, I built a house and a farm, even a mine and a shop, I have gotten pretty good at it but recently the server has had severe lag, to the point where the world doesn't load properly and it takes at least 15 seconds for each chunk to load in. It has made the game literally unplayable, and I do not wish to start over again on another server for fear of this happening a second time. I know this isn't the games fault as the other servers are fine, I'm just a bit upset that I may end up losing all my progress. Which is why I have decided that I will start my own server in a few weeks, that way I can guarantee it won't be a massive waste of time. Anyway, I was wondering if some of you could try connecting to Elysium to see if its super laggy for you too.

    Thanks :D

  • There is somthing with servers right now, i had this happen several times on my personnel server and i can not identify where the leak is. a server restart can fix this issue.

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