In a far galaxy long time ago....

  • Hello,

    i just started to play eco since two weeks. The time before i was not really sure about the game, because i do not trust alpha games. But the new alpha 4 sounded great in my ears and i decided to invest 38€ (40$) and.... wow!
    At the moment i am still alone in my world, because i wasn´t able to convince my best friend - damnit. I am going to do this later :D

    The first moments (first hour) of gameplay was quite hard - didnt know any combinations and gameplay techniques without wiki help about alpha 4 (it was some hours after release).

    At the moment i have quite a few buildings (four) at two different places. My first big project was the street between them. So much high level difference - so much curves....
    Done it quite well, the first car helps me much. Its not that easy to drive there, but i will fix it later.

    The moment of the street building beginning was that moment, where i start loving that game. Some problems and issues at the moment - but i will trust you to develop that in the future. Please apologize my bad english, i am quite improving my skills.
    More later :)

  • Proudly, i can present: i finished my first street!
    Now i will be able to transport minerals and sand to my industrial zone!
    Some tip for roads: Build them wider than two blocks... If you dismantle your cart you are going to fall down the map ;)

    But building streets make hungry and the nearby forest is.... not that well feding anymore...
    So i builded a little field. In front of my mine :D Good heavymetals in the wheat help kids growing! :D

    More world destroing later :D muhahahaha

  • Nice street!

    The retaining walls to keep your carts on the road is a good addition - keeps cart graveyards from appearing. Its great to see your work.

  • Very nice. Good suggestion on making roads wider then 2 to prevent carts from getting stuck. My main concern there is ramps are 2 wide and you would have to place two next to each other for ramp areas. Suggestion: Either make cart narrower or allow for single line ramps.

  • Good Day,

    the powered cart barely fits on a one lane ramp. if you mix stone and dirt ramps the powered cart really needs to come with speed to move over the small road bump between stone and dirt lanes.

    So with the current state you definately need 2 ramp wide lanes to move comfortably...

    But yes nice street and i hope you stay on course :) Good luck would like to read and see more of your settlement.


  • Hey guys,
    thank you for your good and nice answers. Of course I want to write more, but I was not at home.
    At the moment I have
    a little farm,
    a mine,
    some buildings,

    The next goal is the working with minerals.
    The rubbish could be stored in this hole, before I bring it in another bigger stone area - but well, I have to figure out how that really work :D

    Screenshot 2016-07-13 21.11.08.jpg

    To provide a efficient output, I want a bigger building or an industrial area. As I need a flat area, I began to drive away the dirt. The carts are really helpful and are necessary for town development. I builded another one as the first one disappears for some hours O.o

    Screenshot 2016-07-14 20.10.33.jpg

    To store the dirt until I need it, I build another small house.

    Screenshot 2016-07-14 20.10.45.jpg

    Well thats not so much, but in the near future I have more time to play eco.

    Screenshot 2016-07-15 11.31.42.jpg

    There is enough place to build up a really nice industrial complex....

  • Nice roads! For highways for the powered cart I like to build 8 blocks wide or 4 ramps. Streets for regular cart I like 4 blocks wide or 2 ramps. This gives you plenty of space to fail and have enough time to correct course. Then I like 2 block wide for my foot paths. Always good to have walls to stop you from falling off. Cart graveyard is terrible XD

  • This post is deleted!

  • @wolle Can you give an update please?

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